When it comes to domain registration price is a pivotal consideration when seeking affordable web hosting locally. Truehost Cloud provides competitive rates on web hosting and domain name registrations. Below, we’ve outlined their latest price updates to assist you in making an informed decision.

Truehost stands as Kenya’s leading web hosting company, commanding over 65% of the national market share. Beyond its dominant presence in Kenya, the company has expanded its footprint globally with a range of brands, including Truehost Nigeria, Truehost South Africa, Truehost Cloud (US), Truehost London, Truehost Canada, Truehost India, and Truehost Philippines, among others

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Truehost Domain Registration Price Updates (with 16% VAT)

Popular Domain Extensions

DomainReg (KES)Renewal (KES)Transfer (KES)

Cheapest Domain Extensions Under KES 500

DomainReg (KES)Renewal (KES)Transfer (KES)

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Most Expensive Domain Extensions (You may not afford)

DomainReg (KES)Renewal (KES)Transfer (KES)
.movie62, 36961, 24562, 369
.theatre135, 101132, 702135, 101
.hosting84, 06182, 93882, 938
.storage135, 101132, 702135, 101
.game84,06182, 93882, 938
.tickets99, 37399, 52699, 373
.realty78, 70475, 03078, 704
.sucks55, 73455, 88755, 734
.feedback84, 06184, 21484, 061
.juegos84, 06184, 21484, 061

Domain & Hosting Prices - Truehost Cloud Updated Prices 2024 inclusive of VAT

Truehost Cloud Shared Hosting Updated Prices (Inclusive of VAT)

cPanel Hosting (Linux Shared Hosting)

Package Monthly (KES)Annually (KES)
Truehost Bronze Hosting1, 044
Truehost Silver Hosting5572, 900
Truehost Gold Hosting8406, 090
Truehost Platinum Hosting2, 65516, 530
Truehost Unlimited Hosting4, 03725, 230

Plesk Hosting (Windows Shared Hosting)

PackageAnnually (KES)
Truehost Windows Silver2, 436
Truehost Windows Gold5, 220
Truehost Windows Platinum13, 050
Truehost Windows Unlimited17, 400

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Truehost Cloud VPS Hosting Updated Prices (Inclusive of VAT)

Cloudpap Linux VM

PackageMonthly (KES) Annually (KES)
Cloudpap Linux K192811, 136
Cloudpap Linux K22, 61031, 320
Cloudpap Linux K39, 396112, 752
Cloudpap Linux K412, 354148, 248

Apps Windows VPS

Package Monthly (KES) Annually (KES)
Apps Windows VPS 13, 30639, 672
Apps Windows VPS 29, 726116, 706
Apps Windows VPS 39, 396228, 511
Apps Windows VPS 418, 327219, 921
Apps Windows VPS 532, 666391, 988

Truehost Cloud Updated SSL Certificates Prices (Inclusive of VAT)

SSLAnnual Price (KES)
Ask SSL Starter870
Sectigo Positive SSL1, 740
Rapid SSL Certificate2, 900
Askssl Multidomain SSL3, 479
Askssl Wildcard SSL13, 920
Sectigo SSL certificate8, 520
Sectigo Essential Wildcard SSL28, 397
Sectigo PositiveSSL Wildcard23, 804
RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate25, 404
Sectigo SSL Wildcard32, 573
Sectigo Multi-Domain SSL15, 535

Kindly Take note

While we try as much as possible to display accurate records of the prices, kindly take note that the prices are subject to change occasionally. For more information regarding the prices, we recommend that you check Truehost Cloud Kenya for the latest prices, discounts, and offerings.

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