How to make money selling old south african coins

South African antiques and old coins are windows into the rich and diverse history of this captivating nation. They show how people used to live, what they valued, and the changes that happened over time. These things are special because they’re from a long time ago and can teach us much about South Africa’s history.

The old coins, in particular, serve as tangible relics, bearing witness to the country’s economic evolution, political milestones, and shifts in governance. People love collecting these old items because they’re a part of South Africa’s amazing past.

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Do old South African coins have value?

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Yes, it is true! Depending on their rarity, condition, and historical relevance, antique South African coins can be worth a lot of money. These are a few noteworthy ancient South African coins that have gained significant value:

A real crown jewel, the 1898 Single 9 Pond coin is estimated to be worth over R23 million!

Another treasure, the Kruger Double Nine Ponds coin, is estimated to be worth R1 million.

Due of its distinctive appearance, the Burgers Pond Coarse Beard coin is worth roughly R100,000.

A pleasant discovery, the Sammy Marks Tickey coin revolves around a coin valued at R50,000.

The amazing value of the Mandela 90th birthday coin, which honors an icon, is approximately R150,000.

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Depending on their condition, even common antique South African coins might sell for a few cents or even a few dollars.

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You may practically carry a time machine in your pocket! To find out how much your coins are worth, think about getting an estimate from a reputable coin dealer or auction house.

Literally speaking, you can be sitting on a jackpot!

Factors That Influence Coin Value

Recall that the value of antique South African coins is influenced by a number of factors besides age:


Coins with lower supply are in higher demand. Demand is generated by rarity, which raises the value.


A coin in excellent condition is highly prized. Higher values correspond to better conditions. Consider it as treating your coins to a mini spa day!

Historical Significance

In the value game, coins with an interesting backstory are worth more. Perhaps they honor notable figures or occasions.

Where Can You Sell Old Coins in South Africa?

With over 45 years of business knowledge, City Coins, a reputable numismatics guide, offers insights and guidance. Their extensive knowledge allows them to determine the value of your antique South African coins, as well as international banknotes.

Facebook Communities

Facebook groups devoted to the purchase and sale of vintage South African coins and banknotes have flourished in the era of social media.

Numismatic aficionados can access a virtual marketplace created by groups such as “We Buy and Sell Coins and Other Things in South Africa” and “Buy and Sell Old South African Antique Coins.”

Online Retailers: The Electronic Marketplace

A digital marketplace is provided by e-commerce sites such as eBay, OLX, Quikr, IndiaMart, and Coinbazaar, which lets you display your coins and banknotes to a worldwide customer base. It resembles owning an online shop where you can sell your valuable coins.

Coin Dealers: Reliable Counselors for You

Expert coin dealers have the knowledge and experience to help you with the selling procedure. They can guarantee a seamless transaction and offer insights into the worth of your old South African banknotes.

Auction Houses

The Main Stage Auction houses provide a platform for your currencies to be highlighted. Auctions are a great way to sell your vintage South African banknotes to both hobbyists and serious collectors.

Recall that market conditions and demand can affect the value of vintage South African banknotes. Thus, go slowly, learn as much as you can, and investigate the paths that would best fit your numismatic quest.

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How to Authenticate Old South African Money

Making sure your old South African banknotes are legitimate becomes crucial when you start your numismatic journey. Here’s how to recognize real gems with assurance:

Examine the Security Features

Antiquated South African banknotes have security mechanisms that prevent forgeries. Keep an eye out for microprinting, security threads, and watermarks. A wealth of knowledge about these aspects can be found on the website of the South African Reserve Bank.

Seek For Wear and Tear Indications

A little touch of historical patina adds character, but too much wear and tear could make authenticity questions arise. Look for stains, rips, and creases. Not only does a well-preserved banknote guarantee authenticity, but its value also increases.

Speak with an Expert

When in doubt, ask the experts for advice. Expert numismatists and coin dealers have the trained eye necessary to confirm the legitimacy of vintage South African banknotes.

Make Use of Internet Resources

There are a ton of resources available to you in the digital era. The website of the South African Reserve Bank and numismatics-focused internet forums might offer insightful information about authentication methods.

Keep in mind that the value of antique South African banknotes might fluctuate over time, so having them authenticated guarantees you’re holding actual treasure rather than just a piece of history.

Safeguarding Value Through Proper Storage

Preserving your old South African currency is essential to preserving its value. Your numismatic gems will continue to sparkle for generations if they are stored properly:

Protective holders or sleeves

Invest in currency storage sleeves or holders to safeguard your banknotes. The charm of history is preserved by these shields, which protect against physical harm, moisture, and dust.

Stay Out of the Sun

Old banknotes are afraid of direct sunlight, just like vampires. Protect your jewels from UV rays to keep the colors bright and avoid fading.

Take Care When Handling

Be sure that your hands are clean and devoid of dirt and oils before handling your cash. Reduce the possibility that your banknotes will acquire undesired markings.

Restrict Over-Handling

Excessive manipulation might lead to deterioration. To keep your banknotes in perfect condition, handle them lightly.

Acid-Free Albums or Envelopes

Those who enjoy collecting can find refuge in acid-free envelopes or albums. Protect your banknotes from things that can cause them to deteriorate more quickly.

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Sustain the Proper Temperature and Humidity

Like good wine, banknotes do best in stable conditions. Protect them from moisture and temperature changes to guarantee a smooth aging process.

Watch Out for Chemicals

The chemical company is not appreciated by banknotes. To protect them from possible danger, keep them away from materials that release corrosive vapors.

Your efforts at preservation serve as a link between generations, guaranteeing that the value of your ancient South African currency doesn’t decrease.

Selling Old Coins Through Banks in South Africa

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) does not buy back circulation coins, even though the majority of South African banks exchange old coins. However, gold coins like the Natura series, Protea, or Krugerrands might find a place in the SARB’s arms. Additionally, the South African Gold Coin Exchange (SAGCE) welcomes your used coins if you’re looking for a reliable source.

Giving it to the Reserve Bank of South Africa

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) does not purchase back circulation coins when it comes to ancient coins.

But do not be alarmed; the SARB might extend a cordial welcome to you if you own gold coins such as Krugerrands, Protea, or Natura series gold coins. Bring your valuables to the SARB Head Office gold coin teller in Pretoria, together with identification, a bank statement, and proof of residency. Your golden ticket to possible treasure is here!

The Most Coveted Old South African Coins for Cash

With a staggering value of R15 million, the Single 9 Pond (1898) is a rare gem that has the distinction of being the most costly coin in South Africa!

Only 130 Kruger Double Nine Ponds (1899) were produced, making each one extremely rare and valuable at about R1.5 million.

Burgers Pond Coarse Beard (1874): This beauty is valued at almost R1 million due to its scarcity of only 142.

Tickey, Sammy Marks (1898): There are only 215 of these coins in the world, and they are worth about R50,000.

1892 South African Republic Five Shillings: This shiny silver treat is worth $350–$400 in US dollars. It embraces history.

1947 Southern Africa Georgivs VI Rex Imperator 5 Shillings: Coined to honor historical figures, this piece is worth between $70-80 USD.

1952 South Africa Georgivs Sextvs Rex 5 Shillings: A testament to times gone by, this coin treasures a value of USD 20-USD 25.

1940 South African Southern Africa Two and a half shillings When shiny silver, this coin sells for $20 to USD 30.

Recall that the value journey of antique coins is fascinating, and intricately intertwined with their history, rarity, and collectors’ passion.

Last Words

In South Africa, the world of antique coin sales is full of promise and excitement. Coin collectors and aficionados may breathe new life into your coins, each of which is a fragment of history.

Your numismatic journey is an exciting one, encompassing everything from storage to verification, reliable dealers to highly sought-after coins.

Now, put those coins away, accept the history they hold, and go out on a journey of exploration—one coin at a time!

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