Top 9 Reputable IT Consultants in Kenya

Are you seeking a qualified IT Consultancy firm in Kenya? Look no further.

Having a dependable tech support partner at your fingertips in today’s digital landscape can be a game-changer. Not only can it save you considerable expenses, potential legal issues, and countless hours, but it can also provide your business with a significant strategic edge, ensuring your success where competitors may falter.

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Global giants such as Meta, Amazon, and Starlink are increasingly recognizing Kenya’s outsourcing potential, drawn by the country’s rapidly expanding IT sector. With a readily available and competitively priced workforce, IT firms in Kenya are offering services at highly affordable rates. Moreover, Kenya boasts a majority of English-speaking IT professionals and graduates, making its IT services firms a compelling option for outsourcing IT requirements.

IT Consultancy - Gan Technologies

The Best IT Consultants in Kenya 2024

Gan Technologies LTD

Our passion for using technology to revolutionize businesses drove the founding of Gan Technologies. Our story is intertwined with experiences that have molded us into the agency we are today. We were founded on the values of creativity, digital transformation, devotion, and a determination to deliver excellent digital solutions.

We help businesses leverage information technology effectively to achieve their goals and objectives. As top-notch IT Consultants, our services include:

  • Assessment and Analysis – We assess the current IT infrastructure, systems, and Processes within the organization. We offer recommendations based on needs, challenges, and goals.
  • Strategy Development – Based on the assessment, we would work with the client to develop an IT Strategy aligned with the client’s business goals. We may recommend technology upgrades, software implementations, or process improvements.
  • Implementation Services – These may include installing hardware, configuring software, and data migrations.
  • Training and Support – We train our clients on How to use new technologies effectively. We may also offer ongoing support services to address any issues or questions that arise post-implementation.
  • Security and Compliance – Gan Technologies would help clients implement measures to protect their data and systems from cyber threats and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Optimization and Performance Monitoring – IT systems require ongoing monitoring and optimization to ensure they continue to perform effectively. We provide services to monitor system performance, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Cloud Services – With the growing trend towards cloud computing, we offer services to help clients migrate to the cloud or optimize their existing cloud infrastructure for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Digital Transformation – This is one of our core values as a company that is, to help clients embrace digital transformation, leverage emerging technologies, and stay competitive in the industry.
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Are you looking for an organization that will give you top-notch IT services in Kenya, the Gan Technologies is the place to visit.

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions

East Africa Hi Tech Solutions offers a range of business continuity services across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda, covering digital forensics, cybersecurity, data recovery, secure data shredding, and cloud backup solutions.

Renowned as one of the premier providers of data recovery services in Kenya, the company boasts a team of skilled professionals with over a decade of hands-on experience. With a proven track record, they excel in retrieving lost data from various storage devices, including memory cards, SSDs, USB drives, hard disks, and more.

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The core objective of East Africa Hi Tech Solutions is twofold: to facilitate seamless business continuity post-incident and to proactively mitigate future risks. Specializing in addressing issues like data loss and cyberattacks, their expertise covers all forms of storage media, from laptops to memory cards, solid-state drives (SSDs), flash drives, and hard drives.

East African Data Handlers


For over five years, East African Data Handlers has led the way in data recovery services for various media and systems, establishing itself as the premier provider of data recovery solutions in Africa. The company takes pride in delivering unmatched services across the continent.

With diverse divisions, East African Data Handlers employs a team of highly skilled engineers, enabling it to provide customized solutions tailored to clients’ data requirements.

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Graph Technologies

Graph Technologies stands as a distinguished mobile app development firm with a record of award-winning accomplishments. Their expertise lies in crafting cutting-edge online and mobile applications utilizing the latest technologies. From backend API integration to frontend development, they cover the full spectrum of application development needs.

Their suite of services encompasses mobile app development for Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Kotlin platforms. Backed by unmatched support and business-oriented consulting, Graph Technologies ensures that clients receive comprehensive assistance tailored to their specific needs.

Graph Technologies is widely recognized for its technological finesse, collaborative approach, commitment to innovation, and agility in adapting to evolving industry demands.

ideveloper Technologies

iDeveloper Technologies is a Kenyan IT consultancy and network management company that has been offering outsourced desktop and web design services. It presently serves several clients throughout the nation. Law, retail, accounting, sales, finance, and corporate are just a few of the industries in which our clients operate.

The organization offers cutting-edge IT and web design services to businesses of all kinds in Kenya. The company was established to help businesses use contemporary technology while maintaining a tight working relationship and constant face-to-face communication between their personnel and the client.


With operations spanning across Africa, Enovise emerges as a comprehensive cyber security consultancy firm, boasting extensive experience in safeguarding businesses and governmental entities against cyber threats. Enovise places a premium on individual competencies, collaboration, and meticulous procedures to ensure a securely framed environment.

The team at Enovise comprises seasoned professionals with profound expertise and a fervent dedication to information security. Their collective efforts are geared towards facilitating secure business transactions while empowering clients to pursue their objectives. Continuously innovating and exploring novel methodologies, they continually challenge conventional notions of security, making their security research hub unparalleled in its depth and breadth.

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Enovise distinguishes itself by abstaining from the sale or manufacture of systems or equipment. Instead, the firm specializes in the development of test scripts and software programs, meticulously assessing every component susceptible to IP packet interaction.


Serianu supports its clients in gathering, safeguarding, and evaluating vital business data. The company specializes in offering cutting-edge consulting services related to new and developing technologies, including information security, data analytics, and technology advising.

TechAccess Solution

The company provides top-notch and comprehensive Smart Technology solutions for use in residences, commercial buildings, and other facilities. It endeavors to exceed expectations by ensuring individuals and organizations have seamless access to efficient and cost-effective technology that enhances their lives and enterprises.


Engsoft Valley Solutions provides integrated IT solutions, telecommunications, financial, human resource/HR, business, and security solutions, along with related services, for enterprises in Kenya and across East Africa. Clients benefit from the company’s capacity to boost productivity and optimize returns on technology investments by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, talent, and expertise.

As a reputable enterprise, Engsoft Valley Solutions conducts business by delivering goods and services to the ICT, general, and technical industries.

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