Kenyans are increasingly choosing to start enterprises that would keep them afloat financially because the country’s jobless rate is 7.4%. If someone is willing to give up looking for a job and become their boss, a few possibilities are available with varying starting capital.

In Kenya, close to 1.4 million people are in search of employment opportunities, highlighting the ongoing issue of joblessness in the country. A survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) indicates a total of seven million unemployed individuals. The report, released on March 22, challenges the misconception of a 40 percent unemployment rate and reveals a challenging employment landscape in Kenya.

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How to Choose the Right Business Idea When Starting With KES 100,000

Using KES 100,000 to launch a business is an amazing chance, but it may also be intimidating. Selecting the ideal company idea for oneself can be challenging when there are so many to pick from. These pointers on selecting the greatest business concept to launch with KES 100,000 will help you make the best choice possible.

Take into Account Your Interests and Skills

Give some thought to your hobbies and skills before you begin examining possible business ventures. What is it that you’re good at? Which activities do you find enjoyable? Your search for the ideal company idea will be facilitated by being aware of your strengths and interests.

Study the Market

Once you’ve narrowed down your potential business ideas, conducting market research becomes crucial. It’s essential to determine if there is a demand for the product or service you’re considering and to identify any competitors in the industry. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the market, you can evaluate the feasibility and potential profitability of your business concept.

Make a Business Strategy

Any successful company must have a business strategy. It ought to contain details on your intended audience, your marketing plan, your expected income, and more. Making a business strategy will provide you with a road map for success and assist you in identifying possible dangers and possibilities. 

Speak with Experts

Don’t be scared to get in touch with professionals in the sector you’re exploring. They can give you useful industry information and support you in making the greatest choice for your company.

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You can make sure that you select the best company concept when you have $100,000 by paying attention to these pointers. You may make your investment profitable with the correct concept and a well-thought-out plan. 

Businesses you can Start in Kenya with KES 100,000

Butchery Business in Kenya


In Kenya, butchery is among the most profitable businesses to start with KES 100,000 in 2024.

An average-sized butchery can be started for Ksh. 100,000.

Finding reasonably priced meat and securing commercial space in a desirable area are key components of a prosperous butchery business.

Choose a nearby slaughterhouse where you can purchase meat, based on where your business is located.

You may have to start with only a few kilograms rather than the entire animal because you are working with a limited amount of money.

Since a butchery handles food, you must obtain the necessary licenses to operate the business. 

Meat can draw flies and unpleasant smells, so be cautious to keep yourself clean. To draw clients, paint the butcher shop, and implement effective branding.

Requirements for starting a butchery in Kenya

  1. Rental premises and licenses: Ksh 40,000
  2. Weighing scale: Ksh 5,000
  3. Knives and other accessories Ksh 10,000
  4. Meat (stock): Ksh 30,000
  5. Miscellaneous Ksh 15,000

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Poultry-keeping farming

The growing demand for white meat among Kenya’s population has made poultry farming one of the most profitable industries to start with KES 100,000.

Returns are optimistic despite the large initial capital needed, the difficulties in managing sickness, and market risks.

It costs roughly Ksh. 30,000 and is feasible with a well-organized poultry housing system for 100 chickens.

If a chicken farmer manages their feeds well, they ought to be able to make good money.

Intentional cost-cutting measures like producing poultry feed and adopting free-range techniques boost profitability.  

The analysis shows that a broiler chicken business with 100 chicks may make at least Ksh. 15,000, demonstrating the economic feasibility of raising poultry in Kenya.

Milk Dispenser

The third most profitable business in Kenya to start with KES 100,000 is a milk dispenser, mostly found in residential areas.

After the milk is supplied through your milk dispenser or ATM, you offer it to customers in a variety of quantities, starting at Ksh. 20.

The machine can be programmed to dispense milk at various speeds.

The first thing to do is locate a trustworthy source of milk. The majority of manufacturers of pasteurized package milk also provide milk to dispensers.

Before opening for business, locate an appropriate space with a dependable electrical supply.

For the milk to stay cold and the dispenser to function, there must be a strong electrical supply.

To draw clients, the company should be situated in a busy neighborhood.

Requirements to start a Milk Dispenser in Kenya

  1. Milk dispenser: Ksh 45,000
  2. Starting milk supply: Ksh 25,000
  3. Rent: Ksh 20,000
  4. Miscellaneous Ksh 10,000
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Nails Parlour

With Ksh. 100,000, a nail salon is a great starting point for anyone interested in a beauty sector business.

Manicures and pedicures are a good place to start, and you can work your way up to a spa eventually.

Beginning with just $100,000, this enterprise ranks among the most lucrative in Kenya and is most suitable for urban regions.

Start by getting trained in nail technology. Beauty school attendance is not required. A mentor can teach you all you require.

Select a suitable location with ample space, as working in the beauty sector means you need to have hygienic surroundings, cozy seats, and some décor.

Start marketing your company when the facility is prepared by branding the structure or running social media ads.

Requirements for Starting a Nail Parlour in Kenya

  • Shop modification (seating and interior décor: Ksh 40,000
  • Nail supplies: 20,000
  • Rent: Ksh 30,000
  • Miscellaneous Ksh 10,000

Retail Shop

Another easy-to-start business is a retail store, which is among the Most Profitable Businesses in Kenya to start with $100,000.

You can stock up on necessities like milk, bread, wheat, sugar, and detergents with one hundred thousand. Start with household things that are frequently utilized.

The amount of sales has a big impact on a retail store’s profit margin.

To maximize sales, locate the store in a residential neighborhood with lots of traffic.

Despite the low profit margin, strong sales result in a healthy profit.

Requirements for Starting a Retail Shop in Kenya

  1. Stock for the shop: Ksh 60,000
  2. Shop modification: Ksh 10,000
  3. Rent Ksh 20,000
  4. Miscellaneous Ksh 10,000

Second-hand Clothes (Mitumba)

In Kenya, secondhand clothing sales are not only common but also quite profitable.

To differentiate yourself from the crowd, the key is to choose distinctive and superior pieces.

Selling the kinds of clothes you wish to sell is the first step. You can sell swimwear, ladies, men’s, and children’s clothing.

Finding a trustworthy supplier is the next step; one can find them in Gikomba, where they sell in large quantities.

The price of a bale of garments might range from Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 40,000, depending on the kind of clothing you choose to sell.

Seek out an area where a lot of people are walking by, as you need them to become your clients.

Requirements for starting a Mitumba Business

  1. Buying stock Ksh 30,000
  2. Renting space: Ksh 20,000
  3. Mannequins and cloth hangers: Ksh 30,000
  4. Miscellaneous Ksh 20,000

Sell Fruit Juice and Pudding

One of the most profitable businesses in Kenya to start with $100,000 is selling fruit juice and pudding.

The fruit juice and pudding industry is quite profitable because a lot of people have adopted good eating habits.

You must store a variety of fruits so that you can manufacture juice before you can launch your business.

To maintain the juice’s refreshing quality throughout the summer, you should additionally chill it.

To operate the juicer and refrigerator, choose a busy area for your business that has a consistent supply of electricity.

To draw in passing clients, make sure you artistically present the fruits and juices.

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Requirement for Starting a Fruit Juice Business in Kenya

  1. Fruits KES 30,000
  2. Juice KES 20,000
  3. Small fridge KES 20,000
  4. Rental premises KES 20,000
  5. Fruit jars and bowls KES 5,000
  6. Miscellaneous KES 5,000

Small Salon

With just $100,000, you can open a modest salon in your estate if you are skilled in hairstyling.

While $100,000 may not be enough to launch a high-end salon, it is sufficient to get things going.

Choose a site that has a steady stream of clients and reasonable rent first.

Start with the essentials when opening a small salon, then add more goods as it expands.

Requirements for Starting a Salon

  1. Chairs (3) KES 10,000
  2. Waiting bench: KES 10,00M
  3. Mirrors: KES 10,000
  4. Hair blow-dryer and dryer: KES 20,000
  5. Rental premises: KES 30,000
  6. Hair suppliers: KES 10,000
  7. Miscellaneous KES 10,000

Boda Boda

Over a million direct jobs for Kenyans have been created by the boda boda industry nationally.

Every rider makes at least KSh 1,000 a day, according to a Car & General (C&G) analysis that shows boda boda operators earn an incredible KSh 1 billion every day.

Kenya has 1.2 million riders, which is a sizable population.

Approximately one million employment are created as a result of the bulk of these being used for commercial reasons, according to the research.

Depending on the model, motorcycle pricing might range from KSh 80,000 to KSh 150,000.

However, there is also the opportunity to choose a less expensive pre-owned model. 

Similar to this, it’s now simple for people to own motorcycles for as little as Ksh.20,000 thanks to the many lenders who are eager to lend out motorcycles.

Mpesa shop outlet

Safaricom made an amazing KSh 50 billion in gross earnings from its M-Pesa services in the year that ended in March 2022.

In the first half of 2022, transactions made through mobile money agents increased significantly, reaching KSh 3.8 trillion, a 17.5% increase, according to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).

The COVID-19 pandemic and technological improvements have contributed to the growing acceptance of mobile money, which in turn has brought about a significant increase in M-Pesa revenue.

The demand for M-Pesa stores is high since a sizable portion of Kenyans rely on the mobile money service.

For a first investment that includes renting a store and getting an M-Pesa agency line, Ksh. 100,000 in capital might be enough. 

An M-Pesa agency might make between KSh 30,000 and KSh 50,000 a month on average.


Blogging is an excellent means of generating income since it enables people to showcase their skills, connect with readers, and expand their revenue streams.

Establishing a blog business requires choosing a topic, researching the activities of competitors, figuring out your target market, and producing engaging material.

Establishing a brand with a name, distinctive branding components, and a domain that is easily remembered is crucial.

Selecting a reliable hosting site, creating a visually appealing website, and consistently producing high-quality material is crucial. 

Bloggers can monetize their sites through consulting, selling digital or physical goods, ad affiliate marketing, brand collaborations, premium content memberships, and sales.

In the dynamic blogging ecosystem, revenue diversification ensures sustainability.


In Kenya, there are plenty of interesting and prospective business ventures that can be launched with KES 100,000. Thorough preparation, thorough market analysis, and a resolute dedication to your endeavor are essential for success. Though your initial investment is significant, keep in mind that your commitment, diligence, and flexibility in responding to shifting market conditions are just as crucial. Thus, choose a business concept that aligns with your abilities and interests, and start your journey toward realizing your entrepreneurial goals in Kenya. Your KES 100,000 could serve as the starting point for a prosperous company that expands and prospers in the years to come.

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