Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is a bustling metropolis with a rich cultural history. With a population of over a million, it is one of the largest cities in Africa. Getting a good apartment is one of the best ways to experience Nairobi’s culture. Rentable apartments in Nairobi are widely available. To determine which options are best, you must compare and examine several attributes. Make sure to consider your needs and financial constraints when making a decision.

Characteristics of a quality apartment

Nairobi Apartment
Nairobi Apartment

The Neighbours

Consideration of neighbors often escapes the attention of many prospective tenants when evaluating an apartment complex. However, overlooking this detail can lead to encountering noisy or uncooperative neighbors, potentially evolving into significant issues later on. Regardless of your intentions for social interaction with neighbors, it’s crucial to delve into the neighborhood culture within the apartment complex and its surrounding residential and commercial areas. This exploration not only provides insights into the apartment’s accessibility and overall livability but also ensures a tranquil living environment.

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Engaging in brief conversations with potential neighbors can offer valuable insights into the best dining spots, nightlife, and shopping destinations nearby, as well as shed light on the management’s approach to handling common grievances within the apartment building. Such interactions often prove more illuminating than a mere inspection of the apartment unit, as property managers may prioritize sealing the deal over full transparency.

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Property’s condition

An apartment manager is unlikely to admit that their units are unclean and poorly maintained willingly. Therefore, you must have an excellent eye for detail when touring the apartment complex. In addition to the unit you’ve selected, thoroughly inspect the hallways, fire exits, carpets, garden or lawn, elevators, lighting, and parking spaces. Are there any ongoing projects, renovations, or repairs? Do the rugs bear stains, and are the hallways unkempt? Is the apartment building’s parking lot nearby, and is it well-lit, safe, and properly maintained? Also, ascertain the availability of emergency contact information.

When evaluating the apartment’s condition, don’t hesitate to test the taps, open the windows, and inspect under the sink. During your comprehensive examination, keep the following in mind:

  • Ensure all electrical appliances are functioning correctly
  • Check for leaks in the pipes, taps, and shower, and look for broken outlets and plugs.
  • Assess whether the windows and doors require maintenance
  • Confirm adequate ventilation and lighting
  • Evaluate room acoustics, particularly regarding proximity to highways or noisy neighbors.
  • Search for cracks, holes in the ceiling and walls, and indications of pest infestation.

Search for cracks, holes in the ceiling and walls, and indications of pest infestation.

Amenities and Features

When reviewing the lease for an apartment, ensure clarity regarding the responsibility for gas, electricity, water, and parking payments. However, tenants should have access to ten fundamental apartment amenities:

  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Elevators
  • Parking spaces
  • Common areas (like function halls)
  • Ventilation
  • Approved apartment design
  • Waste management methods compliant with city regulations

Conditions of the Lease or Contract

Before signing, make sure the contract contains a detailed explanation of all the features, services, and benefits you will be paying for. An extensive leasing agreement should contain the following:

  • The beginning and end dates of the lease
  • The rental price and other details
  • The terms and conditions of payment and deposit
  • The terms for ending the lease early
  • Penalties
  • An explanation of the landlord’s and tenant’s obligations for repairs and renovations
  • Subletting provisions
  • Guest policies
  • Prohibitions against disruptive and illegal behavior by tenants
  • Guidelines regarding the keeping of pets
  • The procedures for ending the tenancy before the contract expires.

The layout of an apartment

Beyond its location, lighting, and ventilation, the flat’s arrangement is complex. Each apartment will look different based on location and monthly rent, but the one you have selected should have a practical layout that meets your needs. This implies that you need to choose an apartment that is the appropriate size for the number of people residing in it, a design or style that meets your demands, and an apartment space that can house all of your furniture and equipment—both new and old—and alternatives for changing the layout of the floor plan.

Attitude and Reaction of Management

It should be easy to get in touch with the landlord or the apartment management, who will do their best to fulfill your requests and respond to your inquiries. Don’t be afraid to inquire about common issues in the complex and the turnaround time for facility repairs and upkeep during the apartment inspection. If any of the provisions in the lease contract are unclear or confusing, you should also request more information. Responding promptly, being courteous, and being honest are signs of a landlord or manager who cares about its renters and will take good care of you.

Place and Mode of Transportation

Finally, take into account how easily the apartment building is accessible to places of employment, schools, hospitals, and retail centers. Apartments that will require the least amount of commute time to work or school should be taken into consideration, even though location also affects rental costs. But you must ensure that the land is not directly adjacent to a busy highway, as this may result in excessive noise, traffic, and pollution.

Where to Rent in Nairobi

In Nairobi, Kenya, there are many different kinds of flats available for rental. If you’re searching for an apartment that provides a luxurious lifestyle, you might choose to seek it in the city’s affluent areas like Upper Hill or Karen. These apartments usually provide large, opulent spaces along with upscale features like garden areas. Furnished studio apartments are among the other apartment types in Nairobi that may be rented for a short period and are highly recommended. Look for an apartment in one of the city’s less affluent areas, such as Langata or Kibera, if you’re on a tight budget and wish to stay in a reasonably priced region. 

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