Kenya is well known throughout the world for its amazing safari trips. Travelers may enjoy the stunning scenery and, most importantly, the wide variety of wildlife that Kenya has to offer thanks to these travel packages.

Through travel companies and tour operators, you may make the most of the experience. Given that the nation is home to over 300 of these businesses, one is spoiled for choice.

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The best part of a safari in Kenya is traveling to far-flung areas and taking a knowledgeable Kenya tour operator to show you around its tourist sites. Those who have utilized travel firms in Kenya will tell you that selecting the correct one can make the difference between an ordinary safari trip and an exciting one.

Select a safari director who is intimately familiar with every location. a really experienced travel agent. An expert who will transport you to Kenya’s isolated areas in comfort and safety while providing you with information about the country’s past.

Best Travel Agencies

Lets Discover Travel Ltd

Lets Discover Travel Ltd

The top tour and travel company in East Africa, Let’s Discover Travel, was established in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s Discover Travel Ltd. is a relatively newcomer to the Kenyan travel sector, but it has made a name for itself as one of the largest in the country. They are currently Kenya’s top tour operator, handling vacations for affluent customers.

Let’s Discover Travel Ltd. possesses vast first-hand experience in selecting the best luxury safaris and vacation packages that cater to specific requirements and financial constraints. The company also provides travel to foreign locations, like Mauritius and Dubai.

Ravina Tours & Travel Ltd

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Kenyan safari operator Ravina Tours & Travel Limited provides both inbound and outbound safaris. They take great pride in having a committed staff that works nonstop to guarantee that customers only receive the best services. Even though the company is new to the market, it has made a name for itself as a leader immediately.

Airport transfers, hotel reservations, staycations, day trips, team-building activities, honeymoon safaris, budget, mid-range, and luxury safaris are just a few of the services they provide. You may be certain that Ravina Tours & Travel Limited will provide you with the greatest safari experience possible in Kenya.

  • Location: Mombasa Road and Vision Plaza, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +(254)722 103 340.

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Africompass Tours and Travel

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Offering top-notch domestic and international tours is the area of expertise for Africompass Tours and Travel. Their carefully chosen travels have received recognition and approval from prestigious partners like Tripadvisor, SafariBookings, and Safarigo. If you’re thinking about taking an outdoor vacation in East Africa, Africompass Tours and Travel is by far the best option.

Their group of experts will carefully design the perfect schedule to realize your aspirations. Their commitment lies in making your trip the most treasured and remarkable event of the year.

Africompass Tours and Travel is your first port of call for great safari experiences in Kenya, with a wide range of options available. Find the best safari experiences at the most competitive pricing, including day tours, team-building activities, honeymoon safaris, budget, mid-range, and luxury safaris.

Pollman’s Tours & Safaris Ltd

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One of the most significant and reputable travel agencies in Kenya is this one. It was started by Karl Pollman in the middle of the 1950s, and over time it has developed into one of the industry’s leading business pioneers. With more than 200 cars, it can solve problems with different safari packages.

For many years running, Pollman’s Tours and Safaris has been recognized as Kenya’s top inbound tourism operator. Among other honors, Pollman’s Tours and Safaris has been crowned Kenya’s Leading Tour Operator in 2020, Africa’s Leading Tour Operator from 2018 to 2020, and Kenya’s Leading Inbound Tour Operator from 2016 to 2019.

With more than 200 different off-road vehicles in its fleet, Pollman’s Tours & Safaris can meet the demands of both people and businesses. To facilitate exploring other sections of Kenya, they also provide extended tours that incorporate visits to Tanzania, a nearby country. Bilingual drivers carefully guide all of these tours.

  • Location: Pollman’s House, Bamburi, Mombasa; Malindi Road
  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 041 2106000

Bonfire Adventures

Gan Technologies LTD

The current World Travel Awards winner is Bonfire Adventures. Bonfire Adventures was recognized as Kenya’s top travel agency in 2018. With affordable prices, especially during special events, the company has been acknowledged as one of Kenya’s top travel agencies in recent years. For more than five years, Bonfire Adventures has managed both incoming and outbound travel for both domestic and foreign travelers.

The company’s primary expertise lies in creating customized excursions and safaris that cater to all kinds of travelers. Offering a unique chance to mix beach and bush experiences with East Africa’s breathtaking landscape and the rest of the world’s undiscovered gems, the designs range from affordable to opulent.

Bonfire Adventures is the ideal choice if you’re searching for a travel and tour business that can offer you an enjoyable, thrilling, restful, adventurous, and fulfilling vacation. The following services are also offered by the business:

  • Tanzania and Kenya Packages for Romantic & Honeymoon Travel
  • Reservations and bookings for discounted hotels
  • Corporate and business travel.
  • retreat/team building.
  • Spending Plan Travel, tourism at beaches, and sports tourism
  • Mountain climbing
  • excursions and city tours
  • International health insurance
  • Visa application services
  • MICE (conferences, incentives, events, and meetings)
  • Ground handling, destination management, and incoming tours
  • Travel agency for business and pleasure, as well as airline tickets.
  • Tours & Leisure Travel: Outbound Executive Car Rental & Transfer Services
  • Online reservations for flights, hotels, rental vehicles, and safari packages in East Africa Ltd

Gan Technologies LTD

In 2021, a group of youthful tour guides who were born and nurtured in Kenya established AJKenyaSafaris. The organization is proud to be the only travel agency with the most in-depth knowledge of Kenyan destinations. The goal of AJKenyaSafaris Travel is to give visitors an unmatched experience by concentrating solely on Kenyan locations.

The management of the company claims that most Kenyan travel agents have expanded too far in terms of destinations, giving their customers subpar experiences. On the other hand, by hiring locals with knowledge of the customs, AJKenyaSafaris offers its customers some of the greatest Ken+254 769 404022, +254 719 222430yan vacation experiences. Additionally, AJKenyaSafaris has a youthful team comprised of what it calls the top travel agents in Kenya.

Kilian Tours and Travel

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Nairobi, Kenya’s top all-inclusive vacation company is called Kilian Tours and Vacation. In addition to many other services, the company offers holiday packages, corporate travel, safaris, hotel reservations, and air tickets.

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Their services enable customers to take stress-free holidays in addition to assisting them in developing trust. They always have consultants available, and they have something for everyone. If you’re looking for an organized tour to popular Kenyan locations like Chalbi Desert, Diani, or Lamu, Kilian is your best bet.

Trippy Go Tours and Travel

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One of the travel companies in Westlands, Nairobi, with more than ten years of expertise, is Trippy Go Tours and Travel. The most noteworthy aspect of this tour operator is that they provide both international and Kenya safari tour packages. Both inbound and outward travel are provided by Trippy Go Tours and Travel. They include Europe, the Middle East, and Kenya.

The company’s tour and vacation packages in Kenya are planned around significant international holidays and weekend escapes. They provide packages for holidays like Easter, Christmas, and Mashujaa Day. All of their transactions, nevertheless, whether local or foreign, fit into the following main categories:

  • Weekend Getaways
  • Honeymoon deals
  • Anniversary packages
  • Easter packages
  • Christmas packages

Expeditions Maasai Safaris

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Travels One of Kenya’s top trip operators is Maasai Safaris. They offer team-building exercises, automobile rentals, group vacation packages, and wildlife excursions. The organization also arranges travel to foreign locations, including Greece, Turkey, Dubai, Israel, and Thailand.

In 2016, Maasai Safaris was recognized as the most social business and won the Corporation of the Year title at the OLX SoMA Awards. The company offers both corporate and individual travel packages. Team-building exercises, honeymoon packages, weekend escapes, mountain climbing, trekking, safaris, and beach holidays are a few of them.

Other than tours, and travel for the most amazing experiences, Maasai Safaris helps customers reserve accommodations, coordinate airport transportation, and meet new people. The organization also provides self-drive vacations, tour bus services, and joint group safaris.

Mufasa Tours and Travels

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With more than 15 years of expertise running tours, Mufasa Tours and Travels offers the kind of personalized, socially conscious safaris and beach getaways that many tourists want. They give a wide variety of safaris, such as beach vacations, wildlife photography safaris, budget, luxury, and mid-range safaris, as well as safaris for birdwatching. They also arrange airport transportation and hotel rooms.

Their cars are equipped with special amenities that will make your safari enjoyable, thrilling, and convenient. Included are binoculars, refrigerators, an open roof hatch on top of the car, a long-range high-frequency radio, and other things. Mufasa travels to some of the best national parks in the nation, including Aberdare, Amboseli, Meru, Masai Mara National Reserve, and others.

Bountiful Safaris

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The goal of Bountiful Safaris & Tours is to give its customers the greatest African experience possible. The organization provides a large selection of safaris in Kenya and Africa, ranging from unique to trendy experiences. Bountiful Safaris & Tours is a relatively new travel agency in Kenya, yet it has evolved into one of the greatest in no time.

The company’s packages are competitively priced, and its management staff is knowledgeable, so daring travelers should give it some thought. The organization provides outward travel packages to numerous international locations in addition to local travel packages.

Nahdy Travel and Tours Limited

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There is also another great Kenya safari firm, Nahdy Travel and Tours. This tour firm, situated in Nairobi, provides beach and safari packages to Tanzania, Kenya, and Zanzibar. This East African safari and tour operator shares extensive meteorological data to keep its customers informed. Additionally, driver guides and multilingual staff are used by this Nairobi travel firm.

High-frequency radios are also installed in their well-equipped 4WD cars and safari minibusses to enable their crew to maintain continuous communication with the company’s Nairobi headquarters. To make their customers’ lives easier, Nahdy Travel and Tours offers tour packages arranged according to activities. There are the following activities available:

  • Kenya Tanzanian Wildlife Safari
  • Tanzanian camping safaris
  • Kenyan coast safaris
  • Tanzania via aircraft
  • Safaris that camp
  • safaris for birdwatching
  • Tanzanian mountain climbing
  • Trips from Nairobi to Zanzibar

Wasini Dolphin Tour

Gan Technologies LTD

Wasini Dolphin Tour is a Mombasa-based tour operator that focuses on historical and cultural site excursions in addition to marine safaris. Wasini Dolphin Tour is the greatest Kenya safari operator if you like deep-sea diving, snorkeling, and other aquatic adventures. With them, you may get an affordable tour of the entire Kenyan coastline. They travel, and one of their stops is Zanzibar. Among the available activities are:

  • excursions to historical sites, such as seeing the Gede ruins
  • Mangrove excursions
  • Tour to observe crocodiles
  • excursions for fishing
  • Dolphin snorkeling excursions
  • Location: Diani Beach, Mombasa
  • Phone: +(254)718 370 639

African Wildcats Adventure Safari

Gan Technologies LTD

With employees representing seven of Kenya’s forty-two language groups, African Wildcats Adventure Safaris is a Kenyan firm owned by Africans. Your daring spirit will beg for more after experiencing the Africa Wildcats Adventure Safari.

This organization is notable for its engaging interactions, extensive expertise, and several initiatives aimed at promoting global environmental consciousness. The personnel at African Wildcat Adventure Safari is highly qualified and ready to provide you with an unforgettable safari experience. You may experience the best of Eastern Africa by traveling with this Kenyan safari trip company.

For each night spent on the safari, a non-resident traveler should budget a least $350-$450 per person. Additionally, the African Wildcats Adventure Safari makes sure that its guests are reserved rooms in some of the most opulent hotels in the nation; this service will likely cost you an extra $2100–2700. However, you should be well aware that the cost of a safari increases with its length.

Satguru Travel

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In 1989, Satguru Travel was established. Before growing into Kenya and other African and international markets, the company was established in Kigali. Another outstanding travel company that serves Kenya and other eastern African nations like Tanzania and Rwanda is Satguru Travel. Tanzania’s Leading Travel Agency in 2018, Nigeria’s Leading Travel Agency in 2018, and Rwanda’s Leading Travel Agency in 2017 and 2018 were all awarded to Satguru Travel.

In 2018, it was recognized as the Best Business Travel Agency in Africa and the Best Business Travel Agency in Dubai. It was among Kenya’s top five travel agencies at the same time.

The business also provides other services, such as:

  • Cost optimization, data management, and travel program management.
  • Business Journey Assistance
  • Online Reservation for Travel

Spoton Vacations

Gan Technologies LTD

With years of experience organizing both inbound and outbound trips for both domestic and foreign travelers, Spoton Vacations is a reputable tour and travel agency. The World Travel Awards named it Kenya’s Leading Travel Management Company for 2020–2022.

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