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Are you looking for great deals, coupon codes, and promos? Here is the list that will save you from the hassle of finding better deals for you.

Why should you pay the full price when you can take advantage of coupon codes, promos, and deals? Paying the full price seems to be okay for some, however, for most of us saving a few bucks could be the next opportunity we are looking for.

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If you are siding with the majority, then this is the right place for you.

I have decided to list some of the best coupon websites and a link to access them. The majority of them operate worldwide and this is good news for those what to satisfy their test for overseeing products. I also remembered to include top promo sites for web hosting and domain registration.

1. Rakuten

This Japanese eCommerce company was founded in 1997. Rakuten has more than 3,500 stores from where consumers can get cash back, deals, and promos. Their stores range from electronics, Subscriptions, clothing, Toys, Games, and many more. You should consider joining Rakuten if you are looking to get the best deals across a wide range of stores and also if you are looking to get traffic for your site across the globe. One more thing to note is that Rakuten just like many other Coupon sites requires Merchants to join Affiliate Networks Company.

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2. Slickdeals

Founded in 1999, Slickdeals has it all. Their categories range from food, clothes, and electronics to health and beauty products and much much more. Slick deals allow their users to get the most out of the wide varieties that they offer from deals, cashback, free shipping, and much more. Users are expected to create an account or download the app either in their mobile phones or install the app as a Chrome extension. Looking to save, check out slickdeals for the latest deals.

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3. Hotukdeals

Hotukdeals has created a huge following for those who are seeking deals, freebies, and coupons on priced items. Members share deals, coupons, and cashback from over 1000 merchants worldwide. For those looking to join this platform, creating an account is absolutely and also submitting a coupon is easier however,  you need to be careful not to self-promote otherwise you will INSTANTLY be banned from the platform.

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4. GrabON

Next on this list is India’s largest coupon and deals website. As we all know, India is a growing economy and therefore any eCommerce website has the full potential of growing and becoming gigantic. Grabon was founded in India in 2013 but has expanded to other regions as well. Perhaps it is the youngest at the least but as we know with tech companies, it is not about when it was started but how aggressive they are in capturing the market. If you create an account with GrabOn you will be able to get good deals and in addition, be able to submit a coupon. They offer over 159 categories from travel, fashion, and electronics, to medicine.

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5. Dontpayfull

As their name suggests, the coupon advocates for saving. This is the place where you will find the latest and the hottest deals from a wide variety of products and services. They not only work with the top brands such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon but other less-known brands as well. Users can join as merchants and submit their coupons and deals.

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6. Savings

Founded in 2004 Savings gives amazing discounts to its users from hundreds of verified stores on its platform. You can get amazing deals that range from apparel & accessories, books, music and video, Health and medicine, and many many more. No wonder users can never get bored with a wide variety of goodies. To join this platform is absolutely free for both a user and a merchant however you may need to pay something for your store to be featured on the homepage.

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7. DealNews

This is also one of the oldest coupon sites founded in 1997. With over two decades of business experience, you can expect to get better deals from verified stores worldwide without hassle. With many years of experience, you will expect Dealnews to have many stores under them. However, they are different as they prioritize quality over quantity, and their customer experience is top-notch.

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8. Retailmenot

Retailmenot is also another true giver when it comes to coupons, promos, and cashback deals. The platform allows the submission of coupons for store merchants after verification of the store. Store categories not only include Top brands such as amazon but also other less-known brands such as Ghirardelli which gives offers on chocolates.

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9. HostingAdvice

If you are a web developer who is looking to get better deals for domain name registration and web hosting deals. Then is the best place for you to do your treasure hunt. Hostingadvice analyses and ranks the top registrars and web hosting companies based on their features and prices and compare their rate and offers so that the consumer will be better informed when it comes to making the purchase decision. They have experts who are known and specialized in web development and eCommerce.

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10. TLD-List

Similar to HostingAdvice is TLD-List in domain registration space. TLD-List specializes in ranking  Registrars offering Top level domain names and does the side-by-side comparisons. It’s a wonderful marketplace to showcase your web hosting company and attract willing buyers.

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There are hundreds of coupon sites out there, the above list only gives a fraction of the best coupon sites available. Some coupons are only specific to a given geographic location while others are worldwide or both. Therefore, it is up to the user to pick the best coupon websites and test their services.

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