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Truehost Bronze hosting package is the cheapest and the most affordable type of shared hosting offered in Truehost Kenya and Truehost Nigeria. In the past years, this package was offered for free for one month and was meant to attract new customers to taste hosting offered by Truehost.

In a genuine sense, the Bronze hosting package has fewer features compared to other packages offered by Truehost. Many choose this option primarily to access the cPanel and host an email account, or because they are seeking hosting on a limited budget.

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Features of Truehost Bronze Hosting

  • 1 max domain hosted
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 1, 000 Mb Bandwidth Transfer
  • 1 Email Accounts
  • 1 Web-Based Email Clients
  • 1 FTP Accounts
  • 25 Number of Processes
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 4, 000 number of Files (Inodes)
  • 2.0 Hz CPU
  • 1 Database
  • 5.7 or 8.0 MariaDB or MySQL & Postgre Database type
  • Litespeed + Apache Linux Webserver
  • 8.3 PHP version
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate
  • Uptime 99.999%
  •  Shared IP Address
  • Free Script Installer – softaculous apps
  •  CMS – Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento

Is Truehost Bronze Hosting Free?

No, this package is no longer free as it was in the previous years. The current price of truehost bronze hosting is KES 900 exclusive of 16% VAT or KES 1,044 inclusive of VAT for a year. While the exact reason for discontinuing the free Bronze hosting remains unclear to many, Truehost Company may aim to encourage clients to opt for their higher-tier packages, such as Truehost Silver Hosting and Truehost Gold Hosting, as preferable alternatives.

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Truehost Bronze Hosting - Gan Technologies LTD
Truehost Bronze Hosting

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How to Connect a Domain to Truehost Bronze Hosting

There are two ways in which domain names not purchased from Truehost Cloud can be connected to Truehost Hosting:

Firstly, by changing the domain nameservers to point to Truehost Cloud. Truehost Cloud has two sets of nameservers connected to their shared hosting packages

or One can also use

The second way one can connect a domain to Truehost bronze hosting is by pointing the domain A record to Truehost shared IP address for example if the shared IP is

connect a domain to hosting with A record Only

Another alternative way to connect the domain is by the use of CNAME records as shown below;

connect a domain to hosting with a CNAME record

Kindly take note that the CNAME method applies when you wish to receive and manage your emails in Truehost cPanel.

Does Bronze Hosting Come with Free SSL?

The answer to this is Yes. Truehost provides free SSL certificates across all their hostings from Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Olitt hosting, and even dedicated server hosting. Truehost allows one-click free SSL installation through the cPanel.

By now you should know that cyber security is becoming a major threat and insecure websites are the most vulnerable targets.

Can Bronze Hosting Support WordPress?

Here are the minimum requirements to install the basic WordPress site

WordPress Installation Hardware Requirements

Based on the specifications provided, it is theoretically possible to host a WordPress website with Truehost Bronze hosting. However, due to the limitations in file count, processes, and RAM, the Bronze hosting package may struggle to support a more complex WordPress site with numerous plugins installed.

This means that the Bronze hosting can effectively host a landing page, a ‘coming soon’ page, or a simple 5-10 page WordPress site with 1-5 less resource-intensive plugins and a lightweight WordPress theme.


Truehost bronze hosting is a low-cost Linux cPanel hosting for anyone wishing to host a small hosting project or anyone looking to host a single web-based email hosting while at the same time requiring a DNS management platform.

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