KeNIC, short for Kenya Network Information Centre, is the authoritative agency responsible for managing the registrations and issuance of the .ke domain. KeNIC is Kenya’s trusted authority that holds the license to manage and administer the dot ke Country Code Top-Level Domain ( ccTLD) KeNIC manages the KE ccTLD and strives to make it a secure and reliable platform for businesses and organizations to connect with their customers.

KeNIC provides a wide range of services, such as domain registration, DNS management, and web hosting. KeNIC has a team of professionals that is dedicated to giving customers the best possible experience

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Choosing a Domain Registrar

A domain name registrar is a person, company, or organization that registers domains on behalf of the domain owner or registrant.

A domain name registrar must be authorized by either a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) registry or a country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registry.

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Domain name registrars are not all alike. Aside from price, there are several other important considerations when selecting a registrar.

The purpose of this article is not to recommend a particular service provider or compare different registrars, but rather to provide important criteria for selecting a registrar.

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Here are some considerations when choosing a domain registrar


It is important to choose a reputable company that will not jeopardize your digital identity. The company should provide you with access to a dedicated support team and solutions to any issues you may be experiencing.

Transparent pricing

Registrants should thoroughly research a company to ensure they understand its pricing policies. The customer should consider whether it was a promotional period and how the price will change when the period ends. It is also worth noting that some registrars provide registration discounts, but prices may vary when additional services are included. Transparency prevents disputes.


Anyone concerned about a domain’s security should review the Registrar’s security systems. Threats such as domain name hijacking, which involves changing the ownership details of a domain name without the owner’s knowledge, are common in companies that lack effective security protocols.

Whether the Registrar offers the desired domain name,

The first step in finding a great domain name is to perform a name search. The reason for doing this is that the domain name you want may not be available, so you will need to find another name to register. It is important to note that not all registrars are authorized to register specific niche domain names, such as KE domain names.

Customers should make a list of the features that are most important to them before making a decision. It is best to deal with accredited and licensed registrars.

The top 10 KeNIC-accredited registrars are listed below.

Route Africa

Route Africa Networks Limited is a leading web hosting company in East Africa that aims to bridge the gap between the real environment and the server. Routes Africa is committed to providing the fastest and most secure hosting solution at the lowest possible cost. 

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Sino Soft Limited

Sino Soft provides efficient and automated processes for web design, domain registration, and web hosting, as well as sophisticated yet simple-to-use tools such as SSL certificates, web security, and website backup, all of which can be provisioned in minutes.

Sino Soft has modern websites that meet the goals of our clients and the needs of their audience, taking into account everything that makes a good website.

Webhost Kenya Limited

Webhost Kenya Limited provides fast and reliable web hosting services. Webhost Kenya aims to enable companies and individuals to have a secure and reliable online presence so that they can communicate with a global audience.

Truehost Cloud Limited 

Truehost is a reputable partner that offers personalized cloud hosting services in Kenya to meet all of your requirements. Truehost is an excellent choice if you want to take your business to the next level. Truehost’s web hosting packages, domains, and servers include sufficient resources to support your growth.

Safaricom Limited

Safaricom provides award-winning domain, web hosting, and SSL services with 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, and simple, reliable, and secure web hosting services. 

Gan Technologies LTD

Host Africa (formally EAC Directory )

The EAC directory is powered by Host Africa Ltd. and is devoted to providing excellent customer service. HOST AFRICA maintains a high level of excellence because hospitals, medical companies, e-commerce businesses, financial institutions, and other critical businesses rely on them to run smoothly at all times. 

Kenya Website Experts

Kenya Website Experts Ltd. is Kenya’s largest web hosting company, with a core focus on assisting and empowering businesses and organizations online. Thousands of customers rely on domains and web hosting to put their ideas online. Kenya Website Experts Ltd. provides everything you need to build an effective and successful online presence, as well as expert, personalized customer support.

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They provide lightning-fast, dependable, affordable, and secure website hosting, email hosting, cloud hosting, and SSL certificates. Kenya Website Experts Ltd. registers Kenyan domain names (,, as well as international domains (.com,.org,.net) quickly, simply, and securely. Their expert team is always available to answer your questions, get you started, and build your online presence. Kenya Website Experts Ltd. delivers on performance, security, reliability, and customer service.

Global Internet Fortunes Limited 

GlobalWebHosting is a KENIC-licensed domain registrar that can register all .ke domains,, .ke,,,,, and other Kenyan domains. GlobalWebHosting also registers international and other country domains, including .com, .net, .biz,.info, and .africa.

Hostpinnacle Kenya Limited

HostPinnacle Kenya is a rapidly expanding ICT solution provider in East Africa. By hosting your website with HostPinnacle Kenya, you leverage a robust network of advanced dedicated servers, featuring powerful CPUs and secured in state-of-the-art data centers. These servers utilize RAID arrays to ensure data integrity, preventing data loss even in the event of a hard drive failure. This means your website remains accessible without prolonged downtime, eliminating the need to wait hours or days for restoration from backups due to hardware issues.

Oracom Web Solutions Limited

Oracom is a company in Kenya that is totally internet business-focused and knows how important it is to organizations, whether commercial or not-for-profit, SME or a starter company, or an individual’s work.


In conclusion, KENIC focuses on connecting Kenya to the world. We are a registry that is solely responsible for administering, managing, and operating the .Ke domains in Kenya.

KENIC was established as a non-profit organization dedicated to managing and operating the .KE ccTLD. This occurred after extensive consultations with the Local Internet Community. This public-private partnership was thus the first step in facilitating the growth and adoption of the Internet sub-sector ICT in Kenya.

Because ccTLDs are national resources, KENIC’s mandate is to manage.KE in a way that benefits both the public and the industry. KENIC, as a representative of the local Internet community with full government support, will be able to propel Kenya forward in the global Internet community.

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