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Every day the demand for online products is increasing, as many Kenyans now prefer online transactions. Kenyan internet penetration stands at 32.7% of the total population as of January 2023 according to Datareportal. This increasing internet penetration presents a unique landscape of opportunities and challenges for both local and international retailers.

This raises a question: What products are in high demand online in Kenya? In this article we will delve into the trending consumer preferences, shedding light on the most sought-after products in Kenya that you can be guaranteed of a ready market. We hope this exploration will provide valuable insights into Kenyan online retail.

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The Importance of having an online Shop

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Increase Product Awareness

Having an online shop exposes your company and products to a sizeable portion of the public who cannot otherwise reach your physical shop. As you launch your company, you’re drawing a lot of followers who are looking for similar goods and services.

Less costly to run

Have you ever noticed how much less money internet enterprises require? Operating your business online is less expensive than doing it offline. You don’t have to pay extra for a storage facility if you sell your products and have them stored in your home.  

Easy to carry out Marketing Activities

Online e-commerce platforms are integrated with social media platforms and search engines. With just a few clicks you can increase your consumer base and boost product sales with web marketing. In addition,  when customers share and rate your products your chances of making sales and gaining visibility are greatly increased, which can introduce you to people in other areas.

Flexibility to work from anywhere

Can you imagine working from the comfort of your bed? Just you and your laptop, without interruptions from others. With a reliable internet connection, this is possible. You may digitally be able to engage with your customers and address their needs without walking vast distances.

Saves on Valuable Time

Kenyan traffic may be quite congested at times. You don’t want to make a customer wait longer for you to arrive at the store when you can fulfill their order online. When interacting through Internet marketing platforms, takes less time than traveling.

What Are Kenya’s Best Products To Sell?

Accessory for smartphones

Data from Kenya’s telecom regulator indicates that 58.3% of Kenyans owned smartphones as of March 2023. Given that consumers frequently purchase a variety of phone accessories, such as covers, screen protectors, earbuds, and chargers, there is a sizable industry.

People in this category purchase several phone accessories and frequently search online for them, which is fantastic. Additionally, there is a wide selection of products, and if you can effectively market and increase sales, the profit margins are decent. For Ksh50, you could purchase an iPhone screen protector, which you could then resell for Ksh200. 

It’s very competitive with the accessories listed above. Think creatively and search for products that aren’t offered by everyone as a result. A mobile phone screen magnifier, a flip case with a fashionable mirror, an anti-spy screen protector, a luxury leather phone cover, and a self-repair toolkit are a few examples of products you might want to think about.

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Fashion & Jewelry Accessories

Numerous products, such as wristwatches, scarves, belts, gloves, shawls, and more, can be found in the fashion area. With a variety of materials and designs to suit a wide range of fashion preferences, jewelry comprises necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Because they are inexpensive, impulsive buys, and in high demand, jewelry and other fashion items are excellent investments. When you sell them to customers, they will come back for more and probably refer you to their networks. If you’re artistic, you can also make your accessories and market them for larger profit margins.

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Natural Skincare and Cosmetic Items

Because individuals like to take care of themselves, feel good, and smell nice, beauty goods and cosmetics are more popular than ever. Customers who are concerned about their health also like natural products because most factory-manufactured goods are loaded with toxins. 

Among the various things you can purchase and resale are handcrafted or natural bath soaps, organic skincare products, eco-friendly cosmetics, distinctive scents, and much more. The niche market for cosmetics and beauty is large and fiercely competitive. Consequently, think about identifying lesser-known product segments and making a reputation for yourself. Men’s cosmetics, for instance, is still a neglected market.

Auto Accessories

If you target the proper market and provide the correct products, selling automobile accessories may be quite profitable. And because every automobile owner purchases goods to make their vehicles more attractive or functional, they are always in demand.

You can aim higher and target more costly and large automotive components, such as engines, but attracting clients will be challenging because car owners usually choose the most reputable vendors when making such purchases. Under these circumstances, you have the opportunity to resale practical tools and consumables that enhance driving pleasure, enjoyment, and safety and are generally reasonably priced. 

Seat coverings, magnetic phone holders, car mats, air fresheners, car cleaning supplies, digital tire inflators, sun shields and blinds, car covers, and more are some items you might want to think about buying. 

Cooking Appliances

Kenya’s population is very young, and an increasing number of people are getting married, moving out, and attending college. Accessories for the kitchen and cooking are among the goods people plan to purchase. This age group also doesn’t mind making purchases online because the majority of them use social media and the internet.

Consider beginning your kitchen product line with inexpensive, simple things that increase productivity. Even though it will be more profitable to offer a Ksh50,000 cooker, most consumers will probably choose well-known brands. Thus, take into account nonstick cookware, vegetable slicers, quick-cook egg cookers, small smoothie and food processor blenders, rice makers, etc.

Hair Wigs and Hair Styling Accessories

Women use hair extensions, or wigs, to lengthen their hair and occasionally conceal an unflattering hairstyle. Hair extensions are in high demand, and the customer’s lifetime value is good; most wig users will purchase a new wig every few weeks. Human wigs are a higher profit margin option. In addition to wigs, you can sell hair accessories such as clips, ribbons, curlers, head wraps, hairbrushes, hair ties, etc. Hair creams for lengthening natural hair and reducing baldness are also in high demand.

Games and Toys for Kids

Toys are a timeless favorite. There will always be toys for youngsters to play with while they are around. Parents are constantly looking for new ways to entertain their kids, and the toy industry is only going to get bigger.

Selecting the toys you wish to sell is the first step after doing your research on the market. Educational toys that teach kids science, music, math, and the ABCs are excellent options. For kids aged five to ten, you can also look at mechanical toys like remote-controlled automobiles and little motorcycles.

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Books and Equipment for Storing Books

For many people, books are an ageless source of information and enjoyment. There will always be a steady market for books because readers are constantly seeking new titles to read. This business is a great fit for you if you have a strong love for reading and enjoy assembling a varied collection.

Begin by purchasing books from a variety of sources, such as online marketplaces, wholesalers, auction houses, and bookshops. Make sure you have a large selection of books to suit a variety of interests, including bestsellers and specialty categories. To increase revenue, you might pair book sales with display stands, bookshelves, and reading accessories. The demand for these accessories is rising as more people set up personal libraries and read books. 

Furniture – Office & Home

Home office furniture is in high demand due to the increase in remote work and the necessity for cozy and practical workspaces at home. If you have an interest in furniture design and practicality and can locate high-quality furniture, this business may be profitable. You can use your knowledge to help your clients choose furnishings for their homes and offices.

To get started, look for manufacturers or suppliers of premium home office furniture that fit your target market. Do your clients, for instance, desire space-saving options, standing desks, or ergonomic furniture? Additionally, you can provide furniture modification choices to cater to specific client requirements. A Pinterest design that they send you can be forwarded to your carpenter.  

Ring lights, tripods, and holders for smartphones

These tools serve a wide and expanding market by providing professional content creation easily and affordably. They are used by a lot of individuals for Zoom video conversations, photography, and filmmaking, including regular customers, vloggers, influencers, and content producers. As a result, there is a steady market for them.

Along with tripods and ring lights, selling additional photographic accessories might be a wise move to expand your product line and serve a larger spectrum of clientele. Products such as memory cards, light reflectors, external microphones, clip-on smartphone lenses, etc. are worth considering.  

Home fitness equipment 

Due to the growing number of people who are trying to get in shape, the fitness business is a vibrant and dynamic sector with many prospects.

Offering to sell home exercise equipment to customers who are too busy to visit the gym is one of the most obvious routes. This can include smaller equipment like ropes, pull-up bars, dumbbells, and resistance bands, as well as larger equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes.

In addition, you might think about sports and fitness equipment and vitamins. You may consider going into the meal replacement, vitamin, and protein powder business. Gym gloves and yoga trousers are two more items of equipment that are in demand.

Hand and Sling Bags

For many people, a bag is an essential item, regardless of whether they are heading to work, school, or vacation. Reselling handbags is a wide product segment that appeals to a wide range of clients. There will always be a market for these goods because a vast array of bags in different styles are available.

Look for a less competitive market to start with. For instance, you may think about offering fur bags or diaper bags to new parents in place of leather bags. Additionally, you can work with regional craftspeople and resell their handmade purses.

Mtumba Footwear and Clothing

Do you purchase Mtumba clothing and shoes with an acute attention to detail? If so, you can make money by converting that edge into a business. Not everyone has the luxury of getting up early to visit the Gikomba or Toi market in search of the greatest secondhand goods. Some lack the expertise to distinguish authentic designer items or premium brands from the crowd. You may take care of it for them.  

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Find a wide variety of used shoes and clothes to start. Seek for things that are trendy, in good shape, and available in a range of sizes and designs. Take excellent photos, wash and iron them, then post them online. You may resale things with appealing markups if you choose the correct ones and market them well.

Mats and Equipment for Cleaning Mats

Mats are essential for both safety and cleaning. Mats in homes offer comfort and hygiene in addition to protecting flooring. Additionally, they are available in a range of sizes, styles, and materials, accommodating a range of budgets. There is a steady market because of this constant need.  

Focus on a narrow market if you want to stand out. For example, cater to clients who are concerned about the environment by offering eco-friendly mats and cleaning products. Yoga mats for your busy clientele; you may also collaborate with printers to produce personalized mats. Provide supplemental items like steam cleaners, vacuums, and carpet brushes to boost your earnings.

Accessories and Products for Pet Care

Kenya’s pet care market is expanding, and animal lovers are constantly on the lookout for high-quality supplies to spoil their animal companions.

You can start selling pet supplies by capitalizing on this need. They allow for a large profit margin because they range in price from cheap to luxurious. Products in niche markets, such as toys, organic pet food, or specialist grooming equipment, can be quite successful. 

Present Baskets

Gift baskets are a classic choice since they provide a meaningful and practical gifting option for a variety of occasions. Gift baskets are a popular gift to give and receive for special occasions like birthdays and business gatherings. This is a good endeavor for you if you are an excellent gift giver.

You can assist your clients make their recipients pleased by crafting distinctive, bespoke baskets. Selling the goods and services together can help you make money in this situation. When purchasing gifts, you can collaborate with nearby vendors who can provide you with a discount.  

Protection and Security Products

In a society where security is a top concern, products related to protection and security are highly sought after. This is especially true for households where everyone desires a sense of security.

Personal security products are therefore constantly necessary due to security concerns. Alarms, CCTV bulbs, and other important items frequently have premium price tags because of their importance; if you decide to resell them, you will profit greatly from them. Profits can also be increased by providing installation services. 

Accessories Products for Bathrooms

Because they are necessities for any home, bathroom accessories are a reliable investment. The need for accessories like towel racks, shower curtains, and storage solutions is always being driven by bathroom renovations and redecorations. As a result, you may wish to start by concentrating on those goods.

However, to differentiate yourself from the competition, you will need to provide distinctive styles or materials, such as luxury bathroom sets for your wealthy customers and eco-friendly or sustainable solutions.  

Puzzles jigsaws and board games

Games are entertaining for both individuals and families and have a universal appeal. For example, board games and jigsaw puzzles have become more and more popular in recent years, especially with millennials. So, you may sell adult games in addition to Lego and Scrabble.

There is a lot of diversity in this market. Think about sub-products and concentrate on locating distinct games. Family-friendly card games, instructional board games, and strategy board games are all profitable niches. 

DIY tools

This category is profitable because homeowners and do-it-yourselfers frequently need high-quality tools. The need for tools and equipment is fueled by their undertakings, house repairs, and recreational activities.

You can begin by providing basic car repair items to enthusiasts, woodworking products to professionals, and equipment and tools for home gardening to those who own gardens at home. To increase your earnings, you should choose high-quality but reasonably priced instruments.


It’s safe to assume that a lot of Kenyans’ lives have been transformed by the online services available on websites. Simple procedures that could have required a significant financial and time investment through Internet marketing have made life easier.

Try to determine what kind of things you can offer online in Kenya and how it will help you before you start your marketing journey. Many shopping sites allow you to purchase goods at wholesale costs, which you may then resell to your customers. Give your company a try now and see how easily your products sell online!

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