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Beginning a business can be a difficult road and a large risk, but it is unquestionably one that is worthwhile. There are so many businesses that may be established with practically no money that you should never let the lack of money stop you from dreaming.

When starting a business on a tight budget, the Internet is the ideal option.

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If you’ve never run an online business before, don’t be intimidated; it’s not as difficult as it appears. You won’t be writing any code or similar things. Avoid letting the “fear of the unknown” get in the way

Online Businesses  you can start for cheap in Kenya


A blog is a website where you can create content for your target audience to view online, to put it simply. It’s profitable if you choose a blog topic that appeals to your target audience and is aware of their needs and desires.

In Kenya, Blogger is a free blogging platform that can help you launch a successful online business for just KES10,000.

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Affiliate Marketing

You can sell other people’s products online using affiliate marketing, and you can get paid every time someone purchases after clicking your link or banner.

You will require the following two items to begin:

  • An online platform for affiliate marketing.
  • a PayPal account where you can deposit money from your online purchases.

This is the best way to launch an online business in Kenya for less than KES10,000 if you don’t already have a blog.

Freelance Sector

When you work as a freelancer, you make your services available online to clients who need assistance in subject areas where you are qualified.

The majority of big companies that require freelancers are unable to manage their time to finish particular projects because they lack the necessary expertise in the field or simply have too many projects piling up.

Being an authority in your field and consistently accessible when clients need you to work for them online are requirements for becoming a successful freelancer.

In Kenya, you can start by offering writing, graphic design, programming, etc. for 10K.

YouTube Channel Enterprise

Kenyans can make money through YouTube channels, but they need to invest more than 10,000. You can buy tools like a good phone, a tripod, and other accessories with 10K to give your videos a professional appearance.

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In Kenya, you can launch a YouTube channel for less than KES10,000, but you’ll need to get creative because the equipment will cost most of your budget.

If you put a lot of effort into it, you might be able to launch a business with your YouTube channel in the next six to twelve months.

You must learn to engage your audience on YouTube by giving them high-quality content that will entice them to return for more if you want to see your channel grow.

The potential to expand your online business through YouTube is due to the growing popularity of video content in Kenya.

The digital influencer industry

To become a digital influencer in Kenya, you don’t need KES10,000. You only need to be imaginative and enthusiastic about what you do.

As a digital influencer, you can have an impact on your audience by creating content that is both interesting and useful for them.

This translates into earning money online, and in addition to blogging, this is another way for someone in Kenya to launch a successful online business with only KES10,000. 

Of course, you’ll profit greatly from your social media platform if you are well-known enough to attract the attention of reputable brands. If your online work is popular with viewers or followers, they can ask for sponsorship.

Service-related businesses

The service sector is another large industry, and the following are some lucrative businesses you can launch in Kenya with just 10K.

Home-based salon

A home salon might be a good idea if you’ve been thinking about starting a business in Kenya. Many people lack the time or the means to have their hair done at salons.

Many young individuals have turned this business into a profitable venture, spending little cash on equipment and taking up clients within their neighborhood.

You can accomplish this at very little expense and start making money the month you get your first client.

A small barbershop operation

This is another small business you could start in Kenya with your 10K. The demand for reasonably priced haircuts has fueled the boom in barbershops.

You can seize this opportunity by starting a small barbershop that offers a variety of hair services for affordable prices. Instead, you could provide unique services that not all barbers might provide. 

Delivery services

You can start a small business like this in Kenya with just 10K. The primary objective of this business will be to generate income by delivering goods to customers who are either too busy or lazy to go out and purchase them on their own.

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You could deliver office supplies, bottled water for homes, groceries for housewives who don’t have time to go shopping, etc.

The car wash industry

You can start a profitable car wash business in Nairobi for just KES 10,000. If you have a van or, even better, a self-wash bay where people can wash their cars, that will be a bonus.

On Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, you can make a good profit from this business and attract more clients.

A cleaning services company

Starting this small business in Kenya is simple with just 10,000. Since you can use used equipment that you’ll be able to recover from your previous place of employment, you’ll be able to save on the cost of purchasing equipment like mops and buckets.

The majority of employers are on the lookout for cleaners, so you can launch this business by providing the service to your former supervisors or coworkers.

Web and graphic design businesses

This industry is expanding quickly and will produce good returns for you. You must market your services using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and possess strong design abilities.

This business idea will work quickly if you have KES10,000 in Kenya, and you can start making money in the first week.

Businesses in the retail sector

The retail sector is significant, and some small business concepts you could launch in Kenya with 10K are as follows:

Mitumba’s Second-Hand Clothing Shop

Many people find it difficult to afford new clothes and are grateful to find high-quality used items at a lower cost. By purchasing used clothing in bulk and reselling it for a profit, you can make a good living.

The Ladies’ Shoes and Handbags Industry

Women frequently like accessories like handbags and shoes for women. In Kenya, you can start this business with KES10,000 and earn good profits by purchasing goods of high quality at discounted prices and reselling them to your intended market.

From Kamkunji in Nairobi, you can purchase these shoes and handbags in bulk and resell them for a profit.

The street food industry

In Kenya, eating street food is popular, and many people, especially the younger generation, have no problem visiting these establishments even if it means consuming potentially spoiled food.

Start a street food business to sell various snacks or meals that are in high demand on the streets to take advantage of this opportunity. Smokies, boiled eggs, fries, and other examples of these foods are given.

You could even start this business by purchasing food from other vendors who sell it on the street and charging twice as much for it in your shop.

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A fruit vending operation

Starting a fruit vending machine with a capital of Ksh 10,000 is another small business venture in Kenya.

This is a fantastic chance, particularly for people who want to own a business but cannot afford sizable capital investments.

You can also purchase the equipment from other companies that are closing down because they cannot afford to keep them running.

This equipment is a wise investment because it pays for itself quickly.

The cereal industry

Cereal sales are another small business in Kenya that you can launch with just 10K. 

Since there is a high demand for it, particularly in urban areas where many people spend most of their time indoors, you can invest less money and still make a profit.

The number of customers looking for breakfast cereals, especially in the morning, will surprise you.

Remember that you can still sell cereal at lunch, dinner, and even in the late afternoon when you shut down for the day.


With 10K in Kenya, you can benefit from the many opportunities that the growing agricultural sector in Kenya offers.


Farming will provide you with a good source of income and help Kenyans consume less food because it is now more affordable to buy locally rather than importing it through international markets.

Vegetables, maize, fruits, and a variety of other goods that you can sell locally are the best place to start this business. To transport the water to your farm, you’ll also need to have a reliable source of water for irrigation.

The poultry industry

Establishing a poultry farm will allow you to benefit from the fact that many Kenyan households keep chickens. If you purchase baby chicks for a low initial cost and sell them when they are fully grown for a higher price, you will be able to turn a profit from this venture.

Hatchery Industry

Starting a hatchery business will allow you to take advantage of the surrounding communities’ penchant for raising poultry.  You can lay eggs and hatch them to produce baby chicks that you can sell to farms around you.

The equipment must be purchased with the initial funding needed to build or rent a location for the incubator.

Rabbit breeding businesses

You will be able to make a good living from this business if there are lots of people in your area who enjoy eating rabbit meat, which is prized in Kenya.

You can start by investing in inexpensive baby rabbits, providing them with a healthy diet, and eventually selling them once they are fully grown.


You can operate the business ideas in Kenya with 10K anywhere and get good returns. 

You should take advantage of the numerous opportunities in such businesses. It would be beneficial if you decided on a location where there is a high demand for your goods or services, formalized your company, opened a bank account, and advertised it using various channels, such as the Internet.

Since not all businesses begin turning a profit right away, it would help if you were also patient when running this one.  Because so many people give up when they don’t see immediate results, this is one of the most important pieces of advice for starting any business in Kenya.

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