Lipa-na-Mpesa-Paybill Truehost Cloud

Settling your bills with Truehost Cloud Kenya just got even more convenient and seamless! Introducing the Mpesa Paybill Number 412 3955. We’re thrilled to share this automated payment process to make your experience smoother than ever. This exciting enhancement was rolled out in late 2023 by Truehost Cloud Technologies as a step toward automating the payment and activation process.

When placing an order or renewing your services with Truehost Cloud Kenya, you have multiple convenient payment options. You can settle your invoice using any of the following methods:

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The First step is to log in to your truehost account access your invoice then choose any of the following payment methods.

  • Mpesa Paybill number:
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Paybill

Truehost Mpesa Paybill Payment Method

Lipa-na-Mpesa-Paybill Truehost Cloud

Go to your Mpesa App or Sim toolkit on your phone

Go to Mpesa

Choose Lipa na Mpesa

Select Paybill

Enter Business no. 412 3955

Enter the full Amount

Enter Account No. Your Invoice number (without #)

Pay with Credit/ Debit Card Method

Gan Technologies LTD

You can easily transfer money directly to Truehost from your credit or debit card by following the simple procedure outlined below:

You Must first log in to your Truehost Cloud and then navigate to the Invoice you intend to pay.

Select Mastercard, Visa, ATM, Debit & Credit Card

Select the Pay Now button, a green button on top of the invoice

Click Submit Payment if your card is already saved

or  Enter your New Card Information Below if you want to add new card information

Click Submit to Approve the Payment

Do not exit or refresh the page until you receive the payment confirmation

How to Pay with Paypal

Gan Technologies LTD

Access your Paypal account via

Login to your Paypal account

Choose Send & Request

Click Pay for goods and services

Enter Truehost Paypal Email: [email protected]

Put the amount and click Continue

Finally, click Send Payments Now

Forward your payment confirmation to [email protected] for validation

How to Pay Truehost Cloud through Bank Transfer

Gan Technologies LTD

You can transfer any amount of money or deposit a cheque directly to Truehost’s Equity bank account.

Here are the account details you’ll need for this transaction:

Bank Name: Equity Bank Kenya

Account name: Truehost Cloud Ltd

Account Number: 1520 276 206 910

Branch Name: Juja Branch

Bank Address: Muramati Rd, Juja, Kenya

Swift code: EQBLKENA

Forward the Payment receipt to [email protected] alongside your Invoice number.

Note: The last two payment methods are not automated. Therefore, after completing your transaction, kindly send your payment receipt along with the invoice number you wish to settle to [email protected] for validation. Rest assured, our team will promptly verify your payment, and the process should take less than an hour to complete.

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