Bulk SMS communication is really important for everyone – from small businesses to big organizations. And in Kenya, where lots of people use mobile phones, sending messages to many people at once has become much easier. That’s where bulk SMS comes in. It’s like sending a message to lots of people all at the same time.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how bulk SMS is helping businesses, charities, and others in Kenya to talk to people quickly and easily. We’ll look at some of the best bulk SMS services in Kenya and see how they’re making a big difference in how people communicate.

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Organizational and Business Applications of Bulk SMS

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SMS in bulk for e-commerce

Effectively promote your products. Increase revenue by sending customized and targeted bulk SMS campaigns! SMS marketing outperforms email marketing because it draws in customers more effectively and generates higher open rates.

Send SMS coupons to your clients to immediately observe the results of your SMS campaign!

SMS in bulk for insurance and finance

Send your customers deals they can’t miss. Bulk SMS campaigns can be used to market financial and insurance products.

Gain from effectively reaching thousands of individuals at once with your message. SMS campaigns are affordable, and bulk text messaging is the best method for getting your word out there.

Get new clients by using a message that inspires good feelings. To add a personal touch to your offer, use different factors for message customization in your promotional SMS.

Bulk SMS for restaurants & accommodations

Promote new menu items and inform your audience in bulk about weekly and special events. Let your menu be influenced by your clients. Use 2-way SMS to interact with your consumers and find out what they want to eat.

Make your stay memorable, as well as your travels. Informing your clients about neighborhood happenings and providing them with positive feedback on their stay. They’ll contact you again.

Make your promotion distinctive. For your bulk SMS campaign to receive the attention it merits, make it unique and targeted. Customers are constantly exposed to advancements in the modern world. The fact that information is sent in bulk to your customers is a huge benefit.

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Bulk SMS for education

Send students individualized and targeted bulk texts with information on test results, enrollments, events, and other topics.

Boost the effectiveness of your school. In only 3 easy actions, you may send group messages to everyone at a low cost—bulk texting results in time and financial savings.

Send out critical information to parents, teachers, and students promptly and with reliability. With high delivery rates, you may rapidly reach thousands of consumers.

Bulk SMS for human resources

Send urgent notifications to all or a specific group of employees. Inform them of upcoming events, gatherings, and meetings.

Ensure that job applicants and seekers are informed of their application status and newly available vacancies. Bulk SMS texting speeds up and improves recruiting, saving time and money.

Directly communicate with your staff. Engage staff members and send them questionnaires using two-way SMS to gather insightful input on their requirements and preferences. Boost the corporate culture.

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Providers in Kenya



Jisort stands out as a leading digital solutions provider for businesses, offering a range of essential tools tailored to meet diverse needs. Alongside their renowned SACCO finance software, Jisort delivers dependable and budget-friendly bulk SMS services, empowering businesses to streamline their communication strategies effortlessly. With each SMS priced at just KES 0.75, Jisort ensures affordability without compromising on reliability.

What sets Jisort apart is its seamless integration with all major telcos in Kenya, including Safaricom, Telcom, and Airtel Kenya, guaranteeing widespread coverage and accessibility for its users. Whether it’s reaching out to customers, employees, or stakeholders, Jisort’s bulk SMS service provides a hassle-free solution for effective communication.

Celcom Africa

Celcom Africa emerges as the premier choice for bulk SMS services catering specifically to politicians, associations, and NGOs in Kenya. With a robust SMS API gateway, stringent security measures, and lightning-fast delivery, Celcom Africa ensures seamless communication for its users.

What sets them apart is their commitment to affordability, offering low pricing per SMS without compromising on quality. Moreover, Celcom Africa provides a unique SMS branding feature, enabling businesses to personalize their messages by using their own name as the sender. Additionally, their convenient scheduling feature allows users to plan and send messages at optimal times for maximum impact.

With Celcom Africa, organizations can harness the power of SMS communication effectively and efficiently, bolstering engagement and outreach across various sectors in Kenya.

Africa’s stalking

Africa’s stalking stands as a seasoned player in the realm of communication solutions, boasting over a decade of experience since its inception in 2010. Their SMS product suite encompasses a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet diverse needs. From Bulk SMS for mass outreach to Two-way SMS facilitating interactive communication and Premium SMS catering to those seeking to deliver engaging content such as quotes and Bible verses, Africastalking offers a versatile platform to cater to various messaging requirements.

One standout feature is their ability to send branded SMS messages to multiple recipients simultaneously, adding a professional touch to communication endeavors. Moreover, their Two-factor authentication security feature provides businesses with an added layer of protection by sending verification tokens before login, enhancing security and safeguarding sensitive information. With Africastalking, businesses can leverage cutting-edge communication tools backed by years of expertise to enhance engagement, streamline operations, and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

SMS Kenya

SMS Kenya distinguishes itself in the realm of bulk SMS services through its 100% cloud-based platform, ensuring fast and secure delivery of messages. What sets them apart is their SMS API integration feature, allowing seamless integration of SMS functionality into web-based CRMs, custom code projects, and large ERPs, enhancing efficiency and streamlining communication processes. Another standout offering is their Business Sender ID feature, empowering businesses to establish their identity and enhance brand recognition with each message sent.

With competitive pricing at KES 0.7 per SMS, SMS Kenya ensures affordability without compromising on quality. Moreover, their commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their 24/7 customer support, making them an ideal choice for businesses operating around the clock. With SMS Kenya, businesses can leverage cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support to elevate their communication strategies and drive success.

Advanta Africa

Advanta Africa, headquartered in Westlands, stands tall among the renowned bulk SMS providers in Kenya, offering tailored communication solutions to meet diverse needs. Their range of services includes customized bulk SMS, shortcodes, and USSD, catering to various communication requirements with precision and efficiency. One distinguishing feature of Advanta Africa is its intuitive dashboard, accessible both on desktop and mobile devices, providing users with seamless management and control over their messaging campaigns from anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, they excel in providing high-capacity message services, ensuring reliable delivery even during peak times. With Advanta Africa, businesses can leverage advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces to optimize their communication strategies and drive meaningful engagement with their audience.


Oramobile is a trusted partner for organizations, businesses, and SACCOs, and more seeking reliable bulk SMS services in Kenya. In addition to standard SMS solutions, Oramobile also offers ringback tones, shortcodes, and USSD services, catering to diverse communication needs. One of their standout features is their commitment to customer support, with assistance available 24/7 to ensure smooth operations and client satisfaction.

Furthermore, Oramobile provides advanced functionalities including multi-level reseller options, a white-label panel with API integration, real-time monitoring tools, and customizable sender IDs. With Oramobile, clients can leverage cutting-edge communication solutions supported by innovative features and dedicated support to enhance engagement and achieve their goals effectively.


Robisearch presents an innovative solution called ChapChap, which includes a bulk SMS functionality to address various communication needs. Through their SMS feature, users can effortlessly conduct mass campaigns targeting specific audiences. Notably, Robisearch ensures instant message delivery, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive activities like product launches or announcements.

Additionally, Robisearch prides itself on its dedicated team of experts, always available to provide support and guidance to users, ensuring a smooth experience. With Robisearch’s ChapChap solution, businesses can streamline their communication strategies and effectively engage with their desired audience.

Movetech Bulk SMS

Movetech Bulk SMS is a prominent service provider offering tailored SMS solutions to businesses and organizations across Kenya. Through their reliable platform, users can efficiently send mass text messages to reach their target audiences, facilitating effective communication strategies. Noteworthy for its intuitive interface, Movetech Bulk SMS simplifies campaign management for businesses, ensuring seamless operation.

Moreover, Movetech Bulk SMS provides competitive pricing and customizable packages, guaranteeing cost-effectiveness while maintaining service quality. Whether for marketing initiatives, notifications, or reminders, Movetech Bulk SMS offers a dependable solution to elevate communication efforts for businesses of all sizes.


SemaSMS is a respected SMS service provider that meets various communication needs in Kenya. Recognized for its reliability and efficiency, SemaSMS enables users to send bulk messages seamlessly to their intended recipients. What makes SemaSMS stand out is its user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of managing and executing SMS campaigns. Additionally, SemaSMS offers competitive pricing and flexible packages tailored to suit the requirements of businesses and organizations.

Whether it’s for marketing initiatives, event reminders, or essential notifications, SemaSMS provides a dependable solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication strategies.

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