Digital marketing refers to the promotion of products and services via the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms. It can take various forms, such as online video, display ads, search engine marketing, paid social ads, and social media posts. Digital marketing is frequently compared to “traditional marketing” such as magazine advertisements, billboards, and direct mail. Interestingly, television is usually associated with traditional marketing.

A marketing budget typically ranges from about 5 to 25 percent of a company’s revenue or revenue targets, depending on company size, stage of growth, and the importance of marketing to sales within the company’s industry, among other factors.

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Digital marketing has become essential in Kenya, regardless of your industry or company size. It remains one of the most important avenues for business expansion. The essence of digital marketing is its ability to increase your company’s growth and revenue. Nonetheless, the key is to implement the most effective digital marketing strategies that are aligned with your company and resonate with your existing customer base.


Content Marketing

    Content marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies for companies today. Content marketing focuses your business on reaching, engaging, and connecting with consumers via content. This content, which can include videos, blog posts, infographics, and more, provides value to users. It’s not, however, sales-oriented but informational. 

    The overall goal of content marketing as a digital media strategy is to provide valuable information to your target audience, increase traffic, and generate conversions. From a technical point of view, content marketing also focuses on optimizing your content for search engines to improve your visibility in search results.
    This approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell.

    Digital Marketing - Content Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      SEO is the process of improving your website so that it ranks highly in search engine results for keywords and phrases related to your business. The more keywords you rank for and the higher you rank, the more people will see and become familiar with your website and business. When it comes to digital marketing strategies, look at SEO as a requirement. It intercepts every person in your target audience, no matter where they are, in your sales funnel. 

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      The reason is that almost every user begins their search for a new product or service with a search engine. For example, did you know that 75% of customers in Kenya do their product or service research online? Or that after searching for something, more than half of users discover a new company or product? With SEO as one of your online marketing strategies, that could be your business.

      SEO also helps with discovering different types of businesses and business information, for example, through business listing sites found in search engines. It has made the identification of new business ideas, products, and services even easier. 

      Email Marketing

        Email marketing is one of the most economical online marketing strategies available. Email marketing aims to both retain and acquire new customers. It’s an excellent way to increase brand awareness, keep your company top-of-mind, and encourage repeat business.

        Developing and refining campaigns, as well as expanding your audience, are critical components of email marketing. Email marketing, like content marketing, focuses on providing users with valuable information; otherwise, people would unsubscribe.

        The primary goal of email marketing as a digital marketing initiative is to keep potential customers at the forefront of their minds while also providing current clients with useful information, such as relevant industry news, and personalized content, such as product discounts, to keep them returning.

        The idea is that, while these users may not require your services or products right now, they will remember your brand when it is time to make a purchase. That brand awareness encourages them to choose your company when the time comes to make a purchase.

        One advantage of this strategy is that you can segment your audience and tailor your email campaigns. For example, you could create a campaign for users who bought a specific product or visited a specific website.

        Pay-Per-Click Advertising

          Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another effective and affordable online marketing strategy.  PPC is a type of paid advertising that operates on an auction-based system.

          PPC allows you to bid on keywords for which you want your ads to appear; your ad is displayed when a user searches for your keyword. These advertisements are then displayed at the top of search results, above organic listings. If a user clicks on your advertisement, you pay for that click.

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          PPC can include search engine advertising, social media promotions, and other platforms. You can even advertise on mobile applications.

          PPC aims to reach searchers who have transactional queries, indicating that they are ready to purchase your products or services.

          When they click on your ad, they will be directed to your landing page, where they will see a call-to-action (CTA) to convert, such as purchasing a product, signing up for an email newsletter, or taking another action.

          Given that PPC ads target keywords with a transactional intent, it’s not surprising that many users buy a product or service. However, it is a fact that demonstrates why pay-per-click (PPC) is an important component of an overall Internet marketing strategy.

          Even if your company already has a strong presence in search results (for example, ranking on page one for several high-value keywords), PPC can help you optimize your conversions even further. That is why PPC and SEO frequently collaborate to achieve your digital marketing objectives. 

          Social Media Marketing

            Social media marketing aims to raise brand awareness and increase conversions. A social media marketing campaign may include one or more social media platforms, depending on your target audience’s platform preferences.

            Digital marketing - Social Media Marketing

            Some of the most popular platforms for this Internet marketing strategy are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The primary goal of social media marketing is to boost brand awareness and conversions, as well as establish and maintain your company’s reputation. 

            That is why social media marketing focuses on creating informative and promotional content, as well as interacting with users across platforms.

            Video Marketing 

              Your company’s reach, revenue, and operations can all be expanded through video marketing. Like content marketing and email marketing, your company focuses on creating informative and valuable videos for its target audience. Regardless of the type of video you create, your goal is to increase brand awareness among your target audience. Similar to social media, email, and content marketing, brand awareness can lead to valuable conversions later.

              That’s why video marketing can boost conversions. Video marketing aims to increase brand awareness, conversion rates, and company revenue. It achieves these objectives by producing useful, high-quality content for its users. This strategy, like voice search optimization, focuses on current user behaviors.

              5 Ways to Run a Budget Digital Marketing Campaign in Kenya You Must Know

              Define your marketing goals

                Before allocating your total marketing budget, you must define and establish your goals for the upcoming year. 

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                As the manager of digital marketing activities, you will be required to answer the following questions:

                • How many new customers are you expecting to see? 
                • What retention rate are you looking for? 

                They will not only provide you with direction and purpose, but they can also help you secure additional funding and a budget.

                Know your revenues and costs

                  The first step in planning your marketing budget is to assess the current situation. 

                  These are some of the questions an investor must answer before approaching digital marketing.

                  • How much value do your marketing activities generate? 
                  • How much revenue can you attribute to each marketing tactic? 
                  • What are your operational costs? 
                  • How much does converting a customer cost? 

                  Once you know where you are now, you can begin planning for the future.

                  Align Your Objectives with the Growth Vision and Strategic Goals of Your Company

                    Your marketing objectives are an important part of the company’s overall strategic goals and vision for growth. It makes no sense to spend your marketing budget on activities that will not help the company achieve its current goals.

                    So when planning your digital marketing budget, keep the company’s overall strategy in mind.

                    The best way to accomplish this is to maintain open lines of communication with other departments and with management. 

                    This way, you’ll always have an accurate picture of the company’s current and changing status, making it much easier to create a fully integrated marketing budget.

                    Take special events and holidays into consideration

                      Setting a marketing budget is more than just what’s going on at your company. Consider a wide range of seasonal, weather, and industry events. The holiday marketing calendar (which includes national and cultural holidays, religious events, and so on) has a significant impact on how and when you invest in marketing ideas.

                      You don’t want to push your marketing messages during your target audience’s week off. Keep in mind that vacation days and national holidays vary by region. So make sure your budget is tailored to the holiday calendars of your target countries.  You can also streamline your budget by focusing on your specific industry. Large industry events provide a tremendous marketing opportunity. Plan your budget strategically around

                      Measure and analyze

                        Utilize analytics tools to track the performance of your digital marketing campaigns. By analyzing the data, you can identify which strategies are working well and optimize your campaigns for better results.


                        Digital marketing offers businesses various opportunities to connect with customers, increase brand visibility, and drive conversions. By leveraging the right channels and tactics, businesses can reach their target audience effectively and achieve their marketing goals. Running a budget digital marketing campaign in Kenya can be effective if planned thoughtfully. Remember, running a budget digital marketing campaign requires strategic planning, creativity, and consistency. By focusing on cost-effective strategies that resonate with your target audience, you can achieve successful results within your budget constraints.

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